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Founding Story

A Message From The Founders

My husband and I never (I mean never!) thought that we would start a business catering to new moms and newborn photographers. It just was not how we envisioned our lives playing out. We both graduated from UCLA and followed very clearly defined career paths: I went to law school and became an attorney and he went into investment banking. A couple years into those lifestyles and we both knew that we needed a change. What started as a side hustle by my husband, quickly grew into a thriving e-commerce business. Eventually, First Landings threw me the lifeline I needed and gave me the opportunity to commit myself to it full time. While my husband has found another job that he loves, he still helps out on the side and supports this business and myself completely. 

Why First Landings?

In a way, we fell into newborn photography props. We didn't wake up one morning and think, "Hey, I want to create a donut pillow to help photographers perfectly position newborns for photoshoots". That would have been pretty awesome if we did though! In fact, after scouring the web looking for potential products in the baby space, we realized that there was no brand that provided quality and trusted products for newborn photographers. After talking with photographers all over the country that specialized in baby and newborn photos, we realized that we needed to create a safe and comfortable support for babies so that photographers could get those perfect shots. Enter our first product, the newborn posing donut pillow set.

From there it was a breeze! Well, sort of...we next had to come up with a name and logo. We wanted the name to have special meaning, while also capturing the essence of our newborn products. Many names were thrown into the hat, some good and some that we try to forget (trust me, there were some doozies). Eventually, we came up with First Landings. In our minds, the name really played on the fact that our posing pillows are one of the first surfaces that your newborn will "land" on. The logo flowed pretty easily from there. We thought that a little bird landing in its nest for the first time really conveyed the feel of our brand. We focus so much on quality and comfort for your little one and we want you to feel safe and secure using our products. 

Thank You

Whether you're a first time visitor or repeat customer, thank you for being a part of our journey! If you have any questions, ideas about new products or just want to say "hello", send us an email at:

Thank you!